Group Companies

Dizayn Group has always been the firm of innovations since its inception in 1987 and is the largest of holding companies with its built-in and mobile production capacity, new and cutting edge technology products supported by R&D and worldwide brand power. Dizayn Grup, which is active in the field of plastic pipe and connector sale, now offers full service in indoor heating systems with its Ditroo brand. Dizayn Group, a leading firm in the manufacture of high quality and above the standards products as well as in the sale of those products in the most appropriate way, received many achievements and awards such as successive AA ratings from JCR Rating in 2010 and 2011. Having a very significant brand perception worldwide Dizayn Group is a source of pride for Turkey with its export operations to more than 80 countries.

Carrying out the Holding`s activities in construction technologies, Mirline brand is becoming the mostly preferred brand in buildings which are intended to last long years thanks to a device with the same name which extends the lifespan of buildings. Mirline is a product co-produced with Turkish-German engineering cooperation and prevents inevitable situations in buildings such as moisture, mold and mushroom. Mirline was preferred in historical artifacts such as Dolmabahçe Place, Arheological Museum and Tiled Pavillion.

Miracle, which makes breakthroughs in ecological agriculture technologies and has obtained a superior and unique place in green house marketing it developed, introduced to the market 100% natural products produced using underwater agriculture technology. All construction stages of the green house from material supply to installation are undertaken by Miracle within the framework of full service approach and thus a turn-key green house service is offered. Continuous engineering support is also provided at the cultivation process of the products. Cultivated products can be purchased via Miracle system in addition to giving the producers the liberty to sell them to other producers or any location they wish, through which the sale of the cultivated products is guaranteed.

Investment and development activities in energy technologies conducted within are brought together under this brand. The first product to be launched bearing the name of the brand was Ditroo Combi. Ditroo, structured in line with the aim of manufacturing efficient and environment friendly products with low energy consumption, features as a main heading where new technologies are developed in order to meet the needs of the present and to shape the world of tomorrow.

Likkuid is the solution infrastructure for projects where competence is required in the field of water transportation and where top level of engineering knowledge is used. Services are provided under the brand of Likkuid to eliminate all obstacles for the transportation water and thus to ensure the crossing of water from the most challenging areas via projects bearing the signature of Likkuid such as Nile River Crossing Project, which provided water for one side of Sudan, and Cyprus Peace Water Project.

R&D activities carried out under the four main headings are called Humaste in the field of medical diagnosis technologies. Ure measurement, which is vital for dialysis patients, can be implemented without drawing blood thanks to Üre Saati (Ure Clock) developed using Humaste. New products and services which are to break new grounds in medical diagnosis technologies will be soon provided under the name of Humaste.

The firm, which is the creator of tens of new products and technologies developed for Dizayn Group and conducting its businesses under the roof of Dizayn Group for years, reached a potential in 2011 to render services to both in-house firms and to other firms and corporations under the title of Mir R&D within the holding after realizing many major projects and business development activities such as Miracle, Mirline and Cyprus Peace Water. Mir R&D is among the most dynamic and experienced R&D firms in Turkey, with 25 academicians and more than 50 engineers it incorporates.