İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları, born in Kangal district of Sivas Province in 17 May 1964, qualified for the Mechanical Engineering department of Yıldız Tecnical University in 1982. He completed his education with the scholarships he received and founded Dizayn Group in 1987 with zero capital.

From the very beginning, he formed the backbone of the company on "Research and Development". Today Mir Holding has the highest number of patents turned into industry in all sectors across Turkey, with more than 100 patents.

Mirmahmutoğulları has received awards from many institutions for the activities he has conducted so far. He was the winner of Universal Contribution and the First Prize awards in the Turkey Finale (first leg) of the annual international World Young Entrepreneurs Competition organized since 1994.Mirmahmutoğulları, who represented our country in the world finale organized in Philippines with the success it achieved in Turkey, continued this achievement in Philippines as well and was awarded with the most successful entrepreneur of the world in the 2002 World Young Entrepreneurs Competition.

The same year, he was nominated for the assessment platform titled ``Economy's Place of Honour`` organised annually by Dünya Newspaper and was chosen the "Businessman of the Year".

İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları was also given an award by UNESCO for his contributions to developing solutions for the water problem in the world.

Mirmahmutoğulları, who has attached particular importance on Research and Development efforts throughout his life, started a campaign in 1996 to enable qualified manpower. Mirmahmutoğulları, who made the productivity qualities of the Turkish people an item of the agenda through the campaign titled ``We encourage brain power as opposed to brain drain``, strives to fulfil his social responsibilities towards the society.

Mirmahmutoğulları is also the president of the International Technology Union (UTB).

İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları is married and is a father of four children.