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Necessary precautions have been taken within the bounds of possibility to clear Mirholding.com.tr.com.tr web site of any virus or softwares with similar purposes, however, the user has the obligation to acquire its own virus protection system and ensure the necessary protection to ensure utmost security. Within this framework, the user acknowledges that it is responsible for any error in its own software or operation system or from direct or indirect consequences of these errors originating from the use Mirholding.com.tr website.

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Mirholding.com.tr and its subcompanies has no legal, criminal and/or personal responsibility for any content outside its responsibility and authority due to the general structure of internet which allows its users surfing and unauthorised access to information inspite of sufficient security measures, including but not limited to information obtained through the use of articles, information, comments, images, Mirholding.com.tr trademark, main page and sub-section links published in web sites other than Mirholding.com.tr.com.tr by visitors or by companies placing ads or sponsorship and through the use of its services and any content uploaded to Mirholding.com.tr.com.tr servers by users to be published on the page and the visitors of this Web Site accept and declare this provision as of the moment they enter the web site.

Mirholding.com.tr has the right to unilaterally change and update these provisions and terms at its discretion and without the need to give notice. Any provision that is changed, renewed or abolished shall enure to every user at the time when it is published.

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