Established in 2011, it emerged as a result of Dizayn Group`s practice of defining expansions into different businesses and sectors under separate corporate firms and brands and delegating the relevant businesses to different companies. As the foundations of Dizayn Group lie in R&D, this differentiation was brought about naturally and was positioned as a technology company in line with this foundation of R&D.

Previously conducting its R&D activities within the Dİzayn Group, the firm later on reached a position by founding Mir Ar-Ge A.Ş. where it can now not only meet the R&D need of the companies within but it can also sell technology to other firms in order to fulfil the need for increasing R&D and organisation of R&D operations (sectoral differentiation etc.) as well as to pave the way for know-how trading. has qualities which distinguish it from many firms in Turkey and across the world in terms of modus operandi and business perspective. Taking ``developing solutions to problems that the humanity has not been able to solve by pushing the limits of technology" as its mission and successfully internalizing it in every sense is a technology firm with an approach to provide technology for the majority under four main headings:


Fluid mechanics

Heat transfer


Mir Ar-Ge A.Ş. develops technology under these four main areas, these technologies are then turned into production and put on market through 6 companies and brands within the structure of the holding.

Dizayn Teknik Plastik Boru ve Elemanları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. - is a holding affiliate producing plastic pipes and thousands of main and intermediate elements in its facility comprising of 35.000 m2 indoor and over 100.000 m2 outdoor area.

Dizayn Endüstriyel Boru Ticaret A.Ş - is the leading Holding affiliate and the innovative face of its sector, selling thousands of products under Dizayn and Ditroo brands.

Ekolojik Tarım Ticaret A.Ş. - is a Holding affiliate which breaks new ground in agricultural technologies with its Miracle brand and has secured itself a superior and unique place in green house marketing it developed.

Mirline - Carrying out the Holding`s activities in construction technologies Mirline brand is the name of the favourite new generation systems used in buildings which are intended to last long years thanks to a device with the same name. is a firm developing technologies for the whole mankind; in that aspect touches humanbeings and feels human and warm. In addition to being new itself, it is also an innovative and productive firm with the aim of constantly developing technology and transforming these technologies into industry.